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Can You Hear Me Now?

German billboard

German billboard

This weekend I was attending a dog training workshop in a horse barn with a metal roof.  It was a stormy day and frequently rain pelted on the roof so hard that you could not hear the instructor.  This was one of the world’s gurus in her subject matter, but for several stretches of time, no one had a clue about what she was saying.  What would you do?

This sounds so very simple, but it happens all the time.  The instructor is so caught up in their own thing, that they fail to see the big picture.  Holy cow!  People can’t hear you – do something!  Here are some tips to be sure that everyone hears your next presentation:

1.  Before you even start – test out the acoustics in the room – do a sound check with your voice, or a sound-check with a microphone if you will be using one.

2.  If there is an interruption, such as thundering rain, a lawnmower outside the meeting room, people chatting in the back of the room – handle it immediately.  Stop what you are doing and handle it.

3.  If people ask questions during your session, repeat the question so everyone can hear.

4.  At the beginning of your session give people the OK to let you know if they cannot hear you.  People with soft voices should do this all the time.

In the case of the dog trainer, she should have had everyone pick up their chairs and move closer.  How simple is that?  Adjust if necessary.  Use these tips, and your message will be heard every time.

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