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How Business Presentations are Like American Idol Competitions

I love watching American Idol.  I’m there right through all the goofy auditions to the pouring of confetti over the winner.  Every Tuesday night I arrange my schedule or set my DVR so I can enjoy the show.  The business presenters I work with are a lot like the American Idol contestants.  Sometimes the “dark horse” will surprise me, and make the most improvement – both on the show and in the training room.  It’s all about the individual recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, listening to feedback, incorporating suggestions into the next performance (or presentation), etc.  Those who are coachable will indeed succeed.

The other interesting thing about this Idol season is that judge Simon Cowell has continuously mentioned the word, “confidence.” He felt that some of the contestants were among the most talented, but they lacked confidence and the belief that they could win.  Once again – in the presentation training room – confidence in the trainees with the belief that they can do it is key to improvement.  Sometimes I do feel like an Idol judge – giving feedback and suggestions for improvement.  However, my methods are always positive and encouraging – not like the sometimes harsh cruel comments seen on the tv show.  It’s a fabulous process – watching that “dark horse” scream to the finish line…. winning contracts, getting a promotion, earning lots of money in their jobs.  I really enjoy hearing their stories of success.  And like all of the Idol Contestants, their lives will be significantly changed by spending two days at the SpeakersTrainingCamp.

By the way, I voted three times for my favorite Idol contestant.  Go Kris Allen!

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