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Article Archive for June 2009

Billy Mays: It’s All in the Voice

I was often asked why Billie Mays, the famous shouting pitchman was so popular.  What was it about him that coerced people to buy the products he was selling?  It’s all in his voice.  His somewhat frenzied shouting made the listener feel a sense of urgency and a sense of enthusiasm.  It was mostly the volume of his voice and the speed.  He had very little vocal inflection.  The listener is like a chameleon – if the presenter is excited, he or she will be excited too.  He also looked like the guy next door – a real person giving …

Seminar Attendees “Squashed Like a Bug”

Several of my dog training buddies attended a seminar given by one of the world’s top dog training gurus.  When they came home, I asked them how they liked the seminar.  The said that they felt “squashed like a bug.”  The seminar leader made them feel embarrassed and stupid – not a good way for a participant to leave a program.  There’s a lesson to be learned here for all trainers regardless of subject:  each and every participant should leave a session feeling motivated, inspired, and up-beat.  That’s the job of a great trainer – to tailor the message and …

Commencement Speech Tips

Commencement speeches should be quick and snappy.  That’s it – in a nutshell.  Our daughter, Lindsey, recently graduated from dental school, and as I sat with my buttons popping with pride – the coach in me also analyzed the speakers.  I do want to congratulate the dental school for completing all speeches and graduating 70 students (with great individual attention and presentation of doctoral hoods) in 1.5 hours.  That was amazing!  The only really good speaker was the class president.  She spoke for only a few minutes and presented a top-11 list of her dental school memories.  The faculty speakers, …