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“101 Ways to Captivate a Business Audience” Featured in the AMA Newsletter

Featured book in the AMA Newsletter

I was really excited to receive an email from a colleague announcing that my book, 101 Ways to Captivate a Business Audience is featured in the new American Management Association newsletter. Wow! That is a great endorsement and great publicity. People love the book because it is a fun, easy read with tons of how-to ideas for immediate implementation. As soon as I heard the news I thought a great deal about what the book writing process was like, and for me, it was a real struggle to get started. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, here are some tips that might help you.

1. Start writing for one hour before you even wake up. That’s right! Set the alarm one hour early, put on your robe, and proceed directly to your writing station. Do not take a shower, do not eat breakfast, do not drink a cup of coffee – just write. There’s something about the mixture of cobwebs in your brain and the early morning air that really does generate spontaneous writing. I tried this, and it worked.

2. Use a mindmapping system to blast your ideas onto a page. This method is detailed in the book. It’s a quick brainstorming process.

3. If your brain freezes at the keyboard, try handwriting your first few chapters. I was shocked when I realized that I actually had to have pen in hand in order for the creative juices to flow. After the first few chapters, I could compose using the computer.

4. Segment your chapter into available time slots. It was always my goal to complete 1 chapter per roundtrip airline flight. 10 flights and I was on my way.

5. Send each of your chapters out to a trusted colleague or avid reader. They will give you great insight regarding clarity and changes.

Oh I remember those days. And one of the biggest thrills was my first book signing – it was for the local community. People even pre-ordered the book so they were guaranteed a fresh signature. To order your copy of the book: And yes, I will be very proud to sign it for you.

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