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Best Sales Tip Ever!

Does everyone want a Bulldog?

I am very excited today, because I have just finished an enormous project. I’ve just shipped (well-emailed) my popular Sales Presentations Training Camp to Ireland. Soon it will become available to the other Certified Instructors in the US and around the World. I really enjoyed plunging into the depths of sales and researching the question,”why do people buy?”.

There is one secret that pops out – people buy for their reasons, not yours. So the key is to ask the #1 question: “What are your top-two priorities for choosing this product/service?” Then, in an interactive discussion, address those top-two priorities. Sounds simple, and it is.

Think about why you bought your last car. Was it because it was sporty? Fast? Great reputation? Big enough for your family of 5? Safety record? Ideal for hauling the boat? These are all very distinctive reasons. As a great salesperson, you need to unlock the buyer’s top-two priorities. My top two priorities in buying my last car were: a car dealership with a service center no more than 20 miles from my home (I live in a rural area), and a car that would be big enough for my 2 dogs and agility gear for competitions. The salesperson that keyed in on my needs received my business.

Does everyone want a Bulldog? Thinking that someone might want your product or service could be that farfetched…until you ask that person the magic question: What are your top-two priorities?

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