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Ditch That Script and Get Real!

My husband and I were waiting for our lunch at Harry Caray’s (famous Chicago Cubs baseball announcer) at the Chicago Midway airport when a man came in and caught my eye. His suit jacket was camel cashmere. Using my best professional guessing calculator I imagined that he was a doctor – a businessman would never wear a jacket like that. He sat down, ordered some ice tea, and then pulled out a thick stack of papers. It looked like a PowerPoint® presentation, and it looked like he was reading over his script word for word.

Yikes! I had to consciously restrain myself from shouting “Ditch that script, and get real”. If he intended to read word for word in front of his audience, he was headed straight to presentation hell. His audience would moan and groan and writhe in agony. Instead, he should use his slides to suggest conversation. He knows his stuff, so just talk it. If I were to join him at his table, I’m sure he could tell me all about the details of his topic, using the slides as triggers.

The main point is – use your notes or your slides as conversation triggers only. Do not read! And when you are at Chicago’s Midway airport – try the great burgers and enjoy the baseball memorabilia on the walls. I’m sure Harry Carey never read from a script while he was singing “Take Me out to the Ball Game”.

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