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5 Keys to a Website that “Wows”


This Summer I had the pleasure of being the liaison for my husband’s brand new dental office website. I had lots of fun and learned lots. I thought that I would pass on the key learning points to you:

1. Use real photos. Do not use stock photos. You want your followers to see the real you – not some ad agency’s idea of what your business is. Of course, hire the best professional photographer available.

2. Choose colors that reflect the business. We chose green and beige – both calming, medical, natural. Plus Crest toothpaste is even green! How do you choose – check your competitors’ sites and see what appeals to you. What will appeal to your customers, patients, clients?

3. Find 4-5 words that express the impression you are trying to convey – then let that impression infiltrate your site. The words we chose for the dental practice were: professional, friendly, relaxing, calm environment, family-friendly, gorgeous location.

4.Use testimonials. People will react more to what others say about you than what you say about yourself. Obtain permission to use the testimonials. Try to have them visible in a side-box on every page of your site.

5. Proof-read and obtain feedback. This stage of the process took about three weeks. We read and re-read for clarity and errors. Also, the site was sent out to about 8 additional people to review. Be sure that your site reflects the uniqueness of your business and is easy to navigate. Be sure that your contact information is readily available on every page. You want people to contact you without searching. Here’s a link to the new dental site – be sure to check it out: Gaulke Dental.

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