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SpeakersTrainingCamp® Pays Tribute to Zig Ziglar

I have to be honest. My first impression of Zig Ziglar was not great. I saw him at a live stadium event 30 years ago, and initially he seemed to be an over-cooked preacher. Some of his antics seemed rehearsed and contrived – like kneeling on one knee when he made a major point. Half-way through his speech, my ideas changed. His Southern accent started to ooze sincerity; his stories were authentic; and his how-to tips were right on target. His old-school methods worked and skyrocketed him to the top of motivational magic. The crowd was mesmerized – you can’t …

Speakers Training Camp Fall sessions

I’m very excited about our Fall line-up of Speakers Training Camp workshops. Here are the upcoming dates:
Speakers Training Camp Instructor Certification: September 11-12-13, Hood River, Oregon
Speakers Training Camp public workshop: October 9-10, Portland, Oregon (space is limited)
On-Site training: two-day, one-day, and half-day sessions (call for availability)

Wake up, presenters, and really “see” your audience. A few days ago a friend reported on a three-day seminar that she attended. The instructor was knowledgeable and nice, but her main complaint was that the instructor seemed blind to the needs of the audience. She did not “see” that some people were struggling with the material, she did not “see” that some people were physically exhausted from constant repetition. If the audience has any type of conflicting thoughts, they will not fully absorb the material. If you are a presenter, be sure to “read” your audience. If you are struggling …

Speech Advice to Kate from the SpeakersTrainingCamp®

Oh Kate! Please do not read your speech. You are way too youthful, energetic, talented, and bright…. instead, use the SpeakersTrainingCamp® techniques of speaking from your heart. Yes, this was her first speech, she was nervous, and unsure of herself, but instead of reading, I suggest that she put her thoughts into a few key words on a really nice, sturdy 8×10″ card. It would contain key words that would trigger her thoughts in a conversational way. It would look something like this:
Honored to be here
William – miss him
That’s it. See how easy that would be? Glance down at your …

Stage Fright Tips for Adele

Adele carried an armful of Grammy awards late Sunday night, but her stage fright will go on….. unless she decides to change it. It’s always been amazing to me that even the most famous people, doing what they do best, can suffer from debilitating stage fright: Barbara Streisand, Johnny Carson, Carol King (just to name a few). It has even shortened many careers. Adele’s stage fright has been labeled as “crippling”. That’s no fun, so I’m offering some advice – which also applies to speakers and presenters.
When asked on the 60 Minutes news show why she was so scared, Adele …