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Executive Training

Create a One-Sentence Message (or less)

How much of your presentation will people remember one month later?….. Sorry….. not much!! How can you insure creating a memorable message that sticks? Keep it simple: one sentence, or one phrase, or one word.
What do I remember from past speakers and presenters?
From Anthony Robbins: “You have to A-S-K to G-E-T”
From one of my Certification students: “Always be the one wearing the red jacket”. This was a talk about personal branding – sticking out in the crowd
“BMW”. This is from the Protocol School of Washington. In order to remember which dishes are yours at a meal…. remember BMW: …

Master of Ceremonies – Made Easy

You’ve been asked to emcee an event. What do you need to know? Follow these simple rules and it will be a breeze.
1. Know your event. Know the people, the purpose, the flavor (formal or informal), your staff of assistants and trouble-shooters, the lighting, the agenda, the timing – everything you can think of. Plan in advance.
2. Get to the event early, so you can observe and test everything. Leave nothing to chance.
3. Know your mike. Test the microphone before anyone comes into the room. The sound is much different on stage than it is in the back of the …

Wake up, presenters, and really “see” your audience. A few days ago a friend reported on a three-day seminar that she attended. The instructor was knowledgeable and nice, but her main complaint was that the instructor seemed blind to the needs of the audience. She did not “see” that some people were struggling with the material, she did not “see” that some people were physically exhausted from constant repetition. If the audience has any type of conflicting thoughts, they will not fully absorb the material. If you are a presenter, be sure to “read” your audience. If you are struggling …

Speech Advice to Kate from the SpeakersTrainingCamp®

Oh Kate! Please do not read your speech. You are way too youthful, energetic, talented, and bright…. instead, use the SpeakersTrainingCamp® techniques of speaking from your heart. Yes, this was her first speech, she was nervous, and unsure of herself, but instead of reading, I suggest that she put her thoughts into a few key words on a really nice, sturdy 8×10″ card. It would contain key words that would trigger her thoughts in a conversational way. It would look something like this:
Honored to be here
William – miss him
That’s it. See how easy that would be? Glance down at your …

Steve Jobs: iPresenter

I’m often asked who some of my favorite presenters are. Steve Jobs is always one that I mention. Here’s why:
1. Always conversational
2. He took 100% of his personality into each and every presentation. Steve, the presenter, was the same Steve you would meet on the street.
3.His PowerPoint slides were incredibly vivid and simple
4.He usually had some sort of creative surprise for the audience: pulling a floppy disk out of his pocket as though he were a magician, sitting on a living room chair as he was demonstrating the iPad…..
5.He cared – through his voice and through his expression, there was …