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Executive Training

Best Sales Tip Ever!

I am very excited today, because I have just finished an enormous project. I’ve just shipped (well-emailed) my popular Sales Presentations Training Camp to Ireland. Soon it will become available to the other Certified Instructors in the US and around the World. I really enjoyed plunging into the depths of sales and researching the question,”why do people buy?”.
There is one secret that pops out – people buy for their reasons, not yours. So the key is to ask the #1 question: “What are your top-two priorities for choosing this product/service?” Then, in an interactive discussion, address those top-two priorities. …

Presentation Skills Training: How to Unleash Your Voice

I often find that my trainees have their voices in a cage, and they need lots of help to put emotion and energy into the vocal part of their presentations. Here are three tips that will help:
1. Practice going from a low level of energy to a high level. Think of something that you do not like (maybe you don’t like cats), and practice speaking about that topic in a very flat, soft, uninteresting voice. Then think of something that you are wild about (maybe a certain sports car). Speak about it in a very loud, energetic voice with lots …

SpeakersTrainingCamp® Coming to DC

I am very excited to announce that the SpeakersTrainingCamp® will be coming to Washington, DC on July 9-10 and September 24-25. People have been asking me for years to do more East Coast sessions. The workshops are hosted by The Protocol School of Washington. I have been training for the School for over 15 years, and they offer world-class training in protocol and etiquette. Everything they do is fabulous, including the location, the attention to detail, and even the snacks are the best! When you attend a workshop all day and work hard – those snacks really help to maintain …

The King’s Speech: Best Nervousness Tip

Wow! I loved the movie, The King’s Speech. The characters were rich and the story was terrific. Most of all, it reminded me of my jobs, both past and present. My degree is in Speech Therapy, and I began my career as an elementary school speech therapist. I remember working with a few stutterers, and they were always a puzzle. Some improved, and some did not. There is no known cure for stuttering.
The thing that struck me the most in the movie, however, relates to my current position – helping nervous speakers. Lionel, the speech therapist in the movie, gave …

Obama Tucson Speech: 5 Tips for You

President Obama’s memorial speech for the victims of the Tucson, Arizona shootings received a standing ovation, not only from the crowd in attendance, but also by the media and political commentators. It was rousing and perfect. As I listened to his speech, I extracted these five tips that will help make your next speech or presentation outstanding:
1. Show Emotion. You could tell with every word and every expression that President Obama really cared. He looked serious when speaking of the tragedy; he smiled when telling the story of victim Phyllis Schneck who sewed aprons with Jets and Giants logos to …