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Leadership and Communication Tips

5 Keys to a Website that “Wows”

This Summer I had the pleasure of being the liaison for my husband’s brand new dental office website. I had lots of fun and learned lots. I thought that I would pass on the key learning points to you:
1. Use real photos. Do not use stock photos. You want your followers to see the real you – not some ad agency’s idea of what your business is. Of course, hire the best professional photographer available.
2. Choose colors that reflect the business. We chose green and beige – both calming, medical, natural. Plus Crest toothpaste is even green! How do you …

Master of Ceremonies – Made Easy

You’ve been asked to emcee an event. What do you need to know? Follow these simple rules and it will be a breeze.
1. Know your event. Know the people, the purpose, the flavor (formal or informal), your staff of assistants and trouble-shooters, the lighting, the agenda, the timing – everything you can think of. Plan in advance.
2. Get to the event early, so you can observe and test everything. Leave nothing to chance.
3. Know your mike. Test the microphone before anyone comes into the room. The sound is much different on stage than it is in the back of the …

SpeakersTrainingCamp® advice on Tripping

Imagine tripping on the biggest night of your life. Jennifer Lawrence did when she was walking up the steps at the Oscars to receive her Best Supporting Actress Award. What if this happens to you? What if you trip on stage? What if you get the hiccups? What if your nose starts bleeding? My best advice is to do what Jennifer did – admit it openly,right away – and then take care of the situation. By admitting your human error, you relieve tension that the audience feels when you make a mistake. When you admit the mistake, it is just …

Speech Advice to Kate from the SpeakersTrainingCamp®

Oh Kate! Please do not read your speech. You are way too youthful, energetic, talented, and bright…. instead, use the SpeakersTrainingCamp® techniques of speaking from your heart. Yes, this was her first speech, she was nervous, and unsure of herself, but instead of reading, I suggest that she put her thoughts into a few key words on a really nice, sturdy 8×10″ card. It would contain key words that would trigger her thoughts in a conversational way. It would look something like this:
Honored to be here
William – miss him
That’s it. See how easy that would be? Glance down at your …

Ditch That Script and Get Real!

My husband and I were waiting for our lunch at Harry Caray’s (famous Chicago Cubs baseball announcer) at the Chicago Midway airport when a man came in and caught my eye. His suit jacket was camel cashmere. Using my best professional guessing calculator I imagined that he was a doctor – a businessman would never wear a jacket like that. He sat down, ordered some ice tea, and then pulled out a thick stack of papers. It looked like a PowerPoint® presentation, and it looked like he was reading over his script word for word.
Yikes! I had to consciously restrain …