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Practical ideas for a well-organized and dynamic presentation. Teaches professional speaking skills.

This book gets right to the point with powerful ideas on creating a clear message, developing spellbinding material, maximizing a confident and dynamic style, and handling every situation with ease. A perfect tool for any presenter who wants to be the best. Fast-paced and fun to read. Printed in several languages, this is a great investment in your professional business skills. 

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$16.95 + S & H

Praise for 101 Ways to Captivate a Business Audience

“This book is a must-read for any person who addresses business audiences – even top, experienced professional speakers. It’s easy and fun to read and has immediate application value!”
James Hennig, Ph.D., past President, National Speakers Association

“Here is a book that makes organizing a powerful business presentation simple and logical. I especially like the way Gaulke explains how to jazz up the main points. What a jewel! We highly recommend this excellent book.”
Dottie Walters, Publisher/Editor, Sharing Ideas Newsmagazine, author of Speak and Grow Rich

“A brilliant find! This book is the definitive treatment of what’s happening in the real world of speaking and presenting. I heartily applaud and enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone who wants to excel as an accomplished presenter.”
Brenda Besdansky, President, Speakers World

“Extremely easy to read. Easy, step-by-step approach into public speaking with very relevant topics such as its steak and sizzle technique to keep the listeners on their feet. After my speeches nowadays, people are always walking up to me afterwards complimenting me on how great the speech was, which a chunk of it is due to this book.”
Customer review, Amazon.com




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